• kris
    January 7th

    I’m pretty sure I asked Matt to do one of the 11 Questions things at last years Midwest Mayhem? Not too sure but I know it was a hell of a long time ago and is way overdue. Being the solid dude that he is I sent him some long overdue questions and he was more than happy to oblige. He hits some valid points on the game and lets you know what he’s up to. Peep it. Thanks again to Matt for doing this…hopefully see you down south soon!

    I’ll start is off with his SKYLMT edit because its too good. Click through for the whole piece.



    1) Who are you…you know…what people call you, how long you’ve been roaming the Earth and where you choose to reside.


    Matt Spencer. A while ago Fonseca tried to coin me as “silky” but I don’t really fuck with nicknames. 23 years old and just moved up to Hollywood a few months ago.


    2) Years spent killing your knees on your bike?


    About 4 and a half years riding fixed now.


    3) What kind of stuff do you do when you aren’t on your bike? I know you’ve said before that bikes aren’t your life but just a piece of it…what are some of the other pieces?


    I do tons of shit. Into filming and editing almost as mush as I am riding. I run my WOLFDRAWN site, which is pretty, much 100% original content and I make some products for the blog. Also, have a non-bike related clothing line on the side I have recently started that’s doing good SOWET69.COM. Do some freelance design work here and there. Then after all of that I try to have some kind of a life and go out and party.


    4) To the internet world the LA bike scene is poppin’ off. How is it down there in sunny Southern California?


    It definitely is going off in the LA area. Each part has their own scene and its pretty cool to see how many young riders are getting into it.


    5) Got anything special you’re working on right now? Products, video…anything?


    There will be some new WD products real soon: shirts, stickers, and maybe beanies. I would like to get a DVD done some time with the dudes I regularly ride with, just too busy at this point.


    6) What really happened to Mike Dinh? Will he ever return?


    Long story short, Dinh needed money to eat so he decided to sell his fixed gear.


    (Here’s Dinh’s farewell edit that Matt upped last week. Its pretty fire.)


    7) Over the past couple years we’ve seen your video content unfold into a shit ton of quality edits of a lot of the guys down there. Planning on taking that anywhere? Favorite edit to put together be it yours or of someone else?


    I just got into filming as a hobby but have ended up being an obsession. Everyone is different to film. Probably Joe and Tone’s edit. Its sick being able to put something together where half the edit is stuff that no one has even done on fixed yet.


    8) Some things or riders that get you stoked to be out on your bike being creative?


    I nerd out huge on watching all kinds of edits. Definitely influenced by dudes like Torey and Tyler, but probably get the most out of watching sick bmx dudes.


    9) What are some songs on steady rotation in your day to day?


    My shit always changes. This week is All Gold Everything by Trinidad and I Will by Danny brown.


    (i’ve had this on a lot lately too. ha. it goes.)


    10) Its the dawn of the New Year. What are some things you hope to see go down in 2013 in the bike world and your own world?


    Seems like this year content really fell off around the end. Maybe dudes working on projects and shit, but hopefully that gets better. Would like to see companies support riders more. Sponsor less people, support the few who deserve it more. Im just trying to travel as much as I can and keep riding fun.


    11) Why Monster over Redbull?


    Well once upon a time I was actually sponsored by monster for motocross, but you cant deny the m is the sickest logo.


    (you can rep monster with this NRG Monster logo chain from his SoWet69 spot.)