• kris
    May 12th

    I just got my Eighthinch Bueller wheel set a couple days ago and some new Resist tires (thanks to Mark iMiNUSD). I’ve been riding a ton the last couple days and I’m loving both of them! The Buellers feel pretty light and the new hubs are purdy. Gotta make some room in my dropout for the 14 mil this week and I’ll be set. I’m loving the look and these Resist tires and digging the way they ride way more! So nice. Here’s my whip and some flicks of Jeff and my Butcher next to each other…cute.

    * Wheels: Eighthinch Buellers
    * Tires: 45c Resist Nomad
    * Fork: Leader Reaper (also thanks to iMiNUSD :))
    * Bars: Leader Trickstar
    * Grips: Shadow Conspiracy Thirteen
    * Bar Ends: Milwaukee Nickels
    * Stem: Eighthinch Freestyle
    * Cranks: Eighthinch Splined
    * Pedal: Eighthinch Street Pedals
    * Sprocket/Cog: 35t Eighthinch splined/Eighthinch 14t
    * Chain: EIghthinch Halflink
    * Seat: Cult Pivotal
    * Pegs: GSport Plegs and Shadow Conspiracy Little One
    * Straps: None 🙂