• kris
    August 10th

    Over the next few days im going to post up pictures of the new Eighthinch Butcher. Because im kind of a punk Im not going to post the entire bike (built with the new freestyle parts) until Friday. Im going to try not to compare this beast to a Scrambler because it really is a completely different bike…buuut its inevitable.

    Today its the chain and seat stays going up…showing you the tire clearance, dropouts, crimps and chain stay brace. Really diggin’ the design of the rear end on this bike. The curves of the chain stays look damn cool, the dropouts are beefy and the seat stay bridge along with crimps give the Butcher quite a bit more tire clearance than its younger brother. I’m running a 40c in there right now and its nowhere near having issues sitting at about the middle of the dropouts. 45c is supposed to be what the bike was designed around but I have yet to track one down here in town to give it a go…though it looks like it can handle it for sure. I forgot to get them in the picture but there are 990 brake mounts on the insides of the seat stays if youre on the polo court often. A little help keeping the chain line proper comes in the form of an outer crimp on the drive side chain stay (unless youre running lefty of course). Something I’ve seen on bikes more and more lately is the chain stay brace. The Butcher has one attaching the chain stays and bb all together keeping the rear end stiffer and sturdier. No shot of the distance between the seat tube and the tire today but you’ll see that tomorrow ;)…