• kris
    September 10th

    A few weeks back i received a nice little package from Noah over at EighthInch. With the launch of their new site came an extension to their full line of fixed specific accessories to include everything from cogs and lockrings to cranks and chainrings. Ive had the better part of a month to use and abuse everything they sent out…the following is a complete review of their entire product line!

    As im heavy into tricking, my bikes are usually set up so that i can hit spots no matter where i end up. However, a few months ago i parked the car and have been commuting by bike everywhere as well. That being said, and the fact that everyone enjoys long leisurely rides :), I set up this stuff for both tricking and “just riding”…then rode it into the ground, threw it down stairs, ground it on ledges and took it on those necessary extended rides just to take it easy.

    The Set Ups:

    EighthInch Parts…
    59cm V.2 Scrambler frameset (frame, headset, seat clamp & seatpost)
    – 32 hole Julian wheelset
    Cog and lockring

    EighthInch Parts…
    – Same as above with the addition of the stock fork and Track Bars.

    Scrambler Frameset V.2:

    This frame is definitely a beast. Ive gapped stairs, jumped hips, hit banks and spun a plenty on this thing with no problems. The 4130 is stiff and responsive, with my particular build falling somewhere in the middle on weight. Its definitely easy to throw this thing around. The butted top tube added to the V.2 saves a bit a weight and gives you that bit of extra strength…a nice addition. Bottom bracket height was changed for this model as well, raising it good 10mm. Aside from when I lay my sorry ass out i never have a problem with pedal strike. At the moment im running 32c tires though ill be switching to 35’s soon. No doubt that they will easily fit in the rear.

    Commuting is great as well. The geometry of the frame is indeed comfy when traveling long distances and power transfers well through the frame.

    Stock fork that comes with the frameset is just as sturdy as the frame. I’ve totaled 4 other forks up till now…one in two days! I rode the stock fork hard for two weeks before switching to the Landing Gear. There we no signs of bending or cracking, not too much flex and it can even barspin a 23 or 25c tire. My only reason for changing it up was my preference for a straight fork for tricking!

    Parts that come with the frameset are pretty decent as well. Havent had any issues with the headset, seatpost or clamp. Real cool to get all this with the frame for its price!

    Julian Wheelset:

    These come set up with DT Swiss spokes and Formula hubs…annnd they’re 42mm. Formula hubs, as “cheap” as they are, have never let me down. As a whole these have far surpassed my expectations and are still rolling true. Theyre damn light yet still beefy. With how hard i am on my bikes im usually tuning my wheels every few days. I dialed these in after the first ride and havent touched them since! Actually…i did snap a spoke nipple after whipping into a Charlie Brown statue, but thats my fault :). Commuting to work and on the bike trial these perform well, they’re smooth rolling and respond well when cranking hard.

    Cog and Lockring:

    I not sure what it is but i really like these. Like really. I want a few to litter my desk with for paperweights…just so i can look at them haha. Im running a 16t though you can grab em from a 12t to a 20t. CNC machined and dipped. They’re solid. Not stamped. And ive seen no signs of wear. Enough said.


    On a performance level, these delivered well. Not to flexy so they rode nice on long distances. Not quite as stiff as say BMX cranks, but they definitely still got down on tricks. 130 BCD so i could switch between my 42t messenger ring and the 46t stock chainring for longer rides. Not that everyone cares about colors…but these come in white! It seems some people have the hardest time getting white cranks for those “color coordinated” builds…problem solved. Comparable to other “entry level” cranks, but less $$…def cant beat ’em for the price.

    Track Bars:

    Not your typcical drop bar. The fit with the more modest drop was real comfy for the trail and around town. Im not trying to break records on my way to work so these were great…a good bar set up for feeling that little bit faster.

    Headtube Extender:

    Dinked around with this little guy for a little bit and it held up real good. The stock fork just barely can’t clear barspins with the 32c tires i run. This surely takes care of that. Adds a good 20mm to your head tube so you can get those spins going. Also have a 1″ spacer that will be tested on another bike, as this setup is 1 1/8″, so expect a more extensive review to come. Discovered that, though likely not recommended, these can double as stem spacers when in a bind :).


    This gets used often. Fits over the long axles on my wheels and gives you enough leverage without being cumbersome. I carried a 15mm pedal or adjustable wrench before, both of which were a bit heavier. Those stay in the toolbox while this adult beverage friendly device travels about. Even hung this from my keys at some shindigs so people would stop scratching up their beloved lighters ;).

    All in all, EighthInch makes some damn fine products that do what their supposed to. Work…and for a not so heavy hit on the bank account. Check back for more reviews of their other products in the future!