• kris
    September 25th

    I’m finally getting up some of the stuff I got at interbike this year. For this year I tried to shoot some little supplement video interviews to accompany the photos of the products. Here’s the first one up from Concept bikes with some photos of their initial FGFS frame the Assassin. I hung out at the concept booth a bit during the event and had a damn good time getting to know everyone. As far as the Assassin I was pretty impressed with it. A lot of companies that dive into fixed freestyle take a shot in the dark initially before getting things right and having a solid product. The Concept crew seems to have skipped most of that and have an almost finished FGFS frame that just needs a few little tweaks that are apparently already in the process of being completed.

    Things I liked about the frame? Steep head tube and seat tube angles for an aggressive ride. The wishbone chain stays looks pretty unique as well. There’s mad tire clearance and once they clean them up (as planned) I’m sure its going to be killer. There’s also going to be a complete bike build option from Concept in a way quite different from other companies. They’re going to give customers the option to take advantage of some deals on parts from other companies and allow you to pick out parts for your whip. If they can get you what you want at a discount then you save some deniro and get exactly what you want from the get go rather than replacing parts down the line. Anywho, check the interview below and a full set of the Assassin below after the click!