• kris
    March 19th

    Theres likely to be some news floating around about the homie Jeffery soon but for now here’s some flicks of his Eighthinch Butcher he pickeed up last week. I definitely think it’s the best looking Butcher build ive seen so far aside from a few parts. I rode it for a bit the other day and it felt super solid.

    Frame: 50cm Eighthinch Butcher
    Fork: Leader Reaper
    Cranks: Profile No Boss
    Sprocket: Tree Lite 36T
    Cog: Dura Ace 14T
    Chain: Eighthinch Half Link
    Bars: Answer Pro Taper
    Stem: Thompson 50mm
    Wheels: Front 36h MTX 33 to GSport Marmoset/Rear 32 Weinmann Taurus to Eighthinch
    Tires: 2.0 Serfas Drifter
    Pedal/Straps: Odyssey PC and soon to be Inso straps
    Seat: Leader Mordecai