• kris
    April 17th

    My buddy Joe and I go a ways back to the days of Effin’ Fridays and long nights at the tattoo shop. Hell he’s the one that put the original lockedcog logo on the back of my leg along with most of the other tattoos good and bad haha.  When he finally got his Starfucker Xenon up and running I had to link up to shoot it because of how fucking rad these things look. If youre new to the game you might not know what the Xenon is but it was a pretty big deal when it hit the fixed scence. Its the epitome of tarck and actually had the ability to be switch between a freestyle bike and a track bike. By lowering the rear wheel in the weird ass dropouts and swapping the front wheel from the between the two sets of drops you can change how this beast rides. Joe couldn’t track down an original fork for this but this thing rides sick no matter. Popped some wheelies and whirlies on it yesterday that took me back a bit. This is one of the more extensive sets Ive posted so click through to see this piece of history in all its gloryyy.