• Chris Yang
    June 8th

    Last week on 5/29, I was proudly holding the biggest trackstand competition “King Of Balance”  in Asia with my own group Track Or Trick and cooperating with other local groups, bike shops, and so many foreign brands such as God & Famous, Trafik LA, Brick Lane Bikes and so forth sponsoring and showing their love of fixed gear community for the event and bring out more than two hundred to three hundred riders showing up!! It’s great to see people pulling back to the long lost trick track style and competing seriously with others like it’s a crit race or alley cat shits!! The winner came out after 45 minutes balancing on the small playground and taking those finest prizes! Here I pick up some good shots from my bro Y.C Tang, Allen Chu and some  good homies from Fixed Style…hope to see the trick track style back on stage again!!