• kris
    March 29th

    Caught this on Zloggy before I checked the LDG blog again today. Reading the LDG description of The Hammer makes it sound like one solid piece of metal. These photos only add to that. Looks like there’s been a lot of time and effort thats gone into these frame…and these flicks aint half bad either! Specs are below and plenty more pics on the LDG spot

    Details Summary:
    • Negative BB Drop
    • Investment Casted Dropouts with CNC Ball Adjusters
    • Gusseted Chainstay
    • Top Tube & Down Tube Gusseted
    • Mid BB
    • Integrated Head Tube
    • Full CNC Head Tube & Bottom Bracket
    • Rolled tubing on seat tube
    • 14mm Front & Rear Dropouts
    • 60c + Tire Clearance

    Additional Details:
    • Price: $399
    • Estimated Release Date: 04.20.2011
    • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large (Geometry to come in our next blog post)
    • Colors: Raw, Matte Black, Drab Green