• kris
    March 7th

    This is pretty damn cool if you ask me! Most of the time when we think about art and bikes crossing paths we think photos, paintings, clothing…something more or less “produced” and there to look at (aside from handmade bikes of course). The bike on display is the work of art in that it was just that, a handmade bike and all…but the presentation of it is pretty rad. Just there in the room for people to ride. The description from the video of what was printed in the gallery is below. Regardless, that bike is super sweet!

    a solo exhibition by mantas poderys.
    16.02.2012 – 17.02.2012.
    ncad student gallery. dublin. ireland.

    one person in the gallery at the time. the doors stayed closed. it was a personal experience.

    this text was positioned next to the miniature bike on the plinth.

    please use

    before you do. this bicycle has been handcrafted for you to use. you may take this opportunity to cycle it. replace back on the plinth after use.

    caution: use this bike at your own risk. this is a fixed gear bike. pedals will be rotating all the time. pedal backwards to stop.

    thank you.