• kris
    March 15th

    I recently got my hands on one of the Bomtrack framesets and have patiently been waiting to up some build photos. Got the okay form the dudes at Eighthinch to play with this in between frames and built it up with all my EI parts. Adjusting to a smaller bike was a lot easier than I thought and I have to say this thing is sick for sure. Stoked to get the rest of it once it comes in so I can have it set up proper! Kind of bummed that it was super hazy yesterday after work as it doesn’t let that purple pop like #candywhip it is. Still got some decent shots of it out in my alley…peep the whole build gallery after the jumppp.

    Want to thank Manuel at BT for sending this over and Royal HC for putting in work to get it en route to me. Zane and the dudes came  through on letting it tag along with them when they came up north a couple weeks back as well. Damn. Never really thought about the journey this thing went on haha.

    More after I roll around on it for a bit toooo…