• kris
    September 30th

    Sooo…I just got home after walking with my bike on my shoulder to my house…with no front wheel. Not happy. Sometime between 7 and 8pm some punkass with a 15mm (or adjustable…dont want to make assumptions. ha.) decided they need my wheel more than I do. I highly doubt that seeing as they were able to flee the scene and i am left walking, but thats beside the point. I want my wheel back. If anyone can get this returned to me Ill buy you a cold one (preferably beer but sodas and the like can be substituted. ha again.) Please help me out!

    RimEighthinch 42mm Julian in Pewter (kind of bronzish). There are no stickers on it aside from a black spot the size of a penny left over from removing the stock stickers. There are also three small dents with scratches from cramming it into the back of a car.
    Spokes and Hub – Black Dt swiss spokes and black Formula hub
    Tire – Black Panaracer Urban Max
    Taken from – Sac State University, Mendocino hall
    Bummed out level – High

    Stock Photo from the Eighthinch website:

    The wheel on my bike:

    A close-up:

    And my sad bike that sits across the room looking at me as i type: