• kris
    June 3rd

    Chris was talking about this the last two times he was up…and it looks to be spot on with what he said. Us Versus Them and SE bringing you a solid trick frame with stuff you want. Mid BB…done. 50c tire clearance…yes. Heat treated Landing Gear…uh huh. You get it.

    A vast improvement over the “lifestyle” PK Ripper. This bit was put together Cr-Mo double butted top and down tubes, ovalized chain and seat stays that are tapered to get some good clearance and heat treated dropouts. Im not really a fan of integrated seat clamps as ive seen issues with a few too many of them…but all in all this thing is looking real good. The graphics and geometry arent finalized so dont get attached but i do like the color of the piece in the photos.

    If you want to get a peek at one of these check em at BFF in a couple weeks…ill see if i can snap a few shots of Gus’ while were on the road. Im thinking Chris, Gus, Jake and DJ are all pretty stoked about this.