April 7th

Saw Sean’s bike up on the Unknown site a few days ago and really liked the way it looked. I haven’t seen too many 26″ bikes that looked really good geometry wise but I’m diggin this jam. Stoked he got this thing back after having it stolen too!

Frame: Unknown V2 Size Small
Fork: MKE Bruiser
Stem: Cult
Bars: BreakBreak 17
Grips: Odyssey Griswald
Seat Post: Volume
Seat: Deco
Cranks: RYD (Haha)
Sprocket: Unknown
Chain: KMC Kool
Pedals: Premium Slim PC
Straps: Burro Chronic
Front Rim: Velocity P35
Front Hub: Unknown
Rear Rim: Velocity Cliffhanger
Rear Hub: Unknown
Tires: KHE Mac 2