• kris
    November 19th

    Here’s a few shots sent over by Robbie of Pedal Hard sowing you where the shop is at and the end of 2011 and heading into 2012. There’s been a lot of changes for the Sac fixed shop since I did a Shoppin’ spot on them almost a year ago. Tons of new stuff, more stock on hand, plenty of support in events and they’re pushing to make 2012 even fresher! I actually had an office set up in here for the better part of the year…and hopefully with enough coaxing the guys will let me set it up proper again here soon! If you’re in Sac and looking for some sick new or used bike parts they’re probably got it. Seriously. From the new Eighthinch and leader bits to some vintage track and road pieces they just might have what you need. Even if you don’t need anything they’re always down to shoot the shit about anything or get down on some Nintendo haha. Roll by if your in the area or hit up their website to grab some stuff if you’re not. Check that vintage Lockedcog Zombie tee in the pano shot hahahaha. There’s a couple more shots after the click so don’t miss those. Keep at it dudes!