• kris
    November 26th

    I cant remember the last time i dis a Shoppin’ post so what better time to do it than when Sac gets its own fixed specific shop? I’ve been hanging at the Pedal Hard shop quite a bit lately…they happen to be a block away from Lucky Lefty’s. Ha. The dudes at the shop are real chill and always down for a good time. Walking in the door you definitely get this vibe. Friendly and instantly willing to see what’s up with your bike or just talk shop. This isn’t always the case when you pop into a bike shop so its real refreshing to catch that walking in. If you’re looking to just hang about and enjoy the atmosphere there’s a comfy couch and an original Nintendo where you can get down on some Doctor Mario.

    If it’s parts your looking for they’ve got you covered there too. Most of their stock right now is Eighthinch and Leader which will get you just about anything you need. However, they’re getting new stuff in all the time so checking back for new stock is a must. Threads are hanging on the wall as well so if you need a jacket or some flannels for the recent chill you can grab some Ambiguous, Lurk Hard or Constructive Destruction pieces to keep the bite at bay. To carry all your swag out the door you can grab a Chrome bag from their selection and fill ‘er up.

    There’s some nice vintage bikes sitting in the shop…really liked the Haro in the photos and the 80’s Bianchi is going to be my new track ride here soon. Pretty sure there was a GT Performer sitting in the back as well. Real cool pieces. Peep all the photos below!