• kris
    April 7th

    There was definitely more than just a buzz about this bike when it first fell in our laps off walmart.com. There were people for and against it with various avenues of logic: cheap bikes mean more bikes, more kids riding “fixed-speed”, shotty pieces of trash mulling about on the street….it went on and on. Snobs review of the piece is the first im seeing of anyone who’s actually ridden the thing. Judging from his wording it seems as though he was less than impressed….and even noted quite a few scary bits about the bike.

    A possibly bent fork and bottom bracket, off angle headset and improperly assembled form the get go. Read up on his write up before you send your little brother (or sister) out on one of these! Oh…and if you’re into NJS its 113mm rear spacing. Ha!

    Obviously…photos from Bike Snob.