• Chris Yang
    April 24th

    Few days ago I spent some time relaxing in the coffee shop and enjoying this beautiful water bottles! Big thanks to 24Bottles and their distributor Bike The Moment in HK for sending their elegant urban bottles and world champion color wine rack! Established in 2013, 24Bottles brings you the finest design that you can ever imagine on the water bottle. The designers saw the waste….people throwing disposables away all around the planet. They decided to change that situation and aimed to come out with the 18/8 stainless bottles that were sustainable, light (100g) and stylish!


    Unlike most cycling water bottles we see, their bottles are beautiful, clean and easy to carry. It’s a simple water bottle that actually includes many functional details…the matte print makes it hard to leave any fingerprints, the wide lip of the bottle makes you easy to put some ice cubes inside. The main idea behind the company is to lower the waste and keep our planet clean and healthy! That’s also the idea behind 0.08kg on the bottle, which means the dispersal of 0.08kg of CO2 coming out from the production of a disposable 0.5l plastic bottle. Wine rack helps you tighten your bottle or even wine on your frame when commuting in the city. It’s flexible and durable so you don’t even have to worry about falling out. There are so many good things on their website and I just simply love the idea and the great design of this company. So stoked that Lockedcog can help them share some words out and we are certainly looking forward to seeing their upcoming products in the future! For more info or if you’re wanna swoop one, click here.