• Chris Yang
    April 16th

    It’s been a few months since I came back from my lovely second hometown Sacramento last year…met up with some new and old homies, especially the real dude behind Lockedcog, Kris Fay. I got this set of Knog Pop Duo Bike Lights from him but never really had an opportunity to have them shot! Special thanks to my friend again, Y.C Tang, for running our night time experiment!


    The light itself, apparently, is not their brightest model in the category…but I think it’s actually good enough for urban riders like me. It comes with 5 different light modes and the visibility at distances is over 1000 meters. Like other lights of Knog, it comes with the quick release mounting so that you won’t even need 5 seconds to set them up! Overall, as far as I am concerned, this set of lights is great for the rider who commutes in the city. If you are going to climb some hills at night with low light and low visibility, I recommend you to get a higher level, which is the brighter one! Anyway, I’m still stoked to see the outcomes of these photos from my boy!