Chris Yang
April 2nd

Been admiring the design of products from Mayhem Fixed for some time and it’s really stoked that this time the dudes over there in Malaysia having me test out some of their proud products! If you are looking around their goodies on Instagram, I’m pretty sure that you would find some great stuff there due to their graphic design and the functionality of bags, pouches, etc. Hip Pouch is perfect and durable enough for urban rider like me to easily organize and carry some essentials! A layer inside allows you to put some delicate belongings such as business cards, stickers, etc. It comes with a belt loop like other pouches for you to fasten it safely. However, some pouches I used before are just flat ones when they’re empty. This one from Mayhem doesn’t lose its exterior look and form when you don’t wanna carry too much stuff!




Their Toolkit Bag is extraordinary too! The bag is made with Polyester canvas, which makes it super durable! What’s more, you can basically carry anything you want, ranging from small things like tire levers to big things such as pumps or wrenches. Just roll them up and you’re good to go like a mobile bike shop! In a nutshell, it’s really stoked to have them lace me up for my ride experience and I believe riders could have a one more good option to choose your pouches, bags, or accessories. It’s no doubt that they will have more awesome products in their future plans and I’m excited to see what comes next! If you’re interested in this brand…go to their Instagram to search more!!!