• kris
    April 9th

    It’s been a few solid weeks riding around on the State Bicycle Co. Black Label that’s now become a sweet basket bike. After getting this thing built up I put it through the ringer with a solid couple of weeks at work (LOTS of rain), some long days on the trail and running errands around town. Overall I dig the bike and though it wont be my daily rider I’m sure it’ll be one of the regulars. Here’s a little breakdown of why…





    Hard not to notice how “complete” this complete build comes when you open the box. The only things needing to be installed are the bars, seat post (with seat attached), pedals and front wheel (ready to roll). A little tightening down on the cog and lockring plus a bit of air in the tires and you’re on the road. There is bar tape to be installed but that’s your call.



    The Look:


    After travelling packed in a nice little bundle I still didn’t notice any scratches when it hit my door. A few weeks of 10+ lock ups per day, fails taking Instagram photos and today’s attempted theft (more on that) and there is still very little wear on the paint. The black parts match up nicely to all four of the color options whether you go bright with the blue/red or less flashy with the black/white. Built up the bike has nice lines and more than rivals other aero track frames on the market.







    The bike as a whole isn’t really heavy but coming in at just $759 for a complete you can’t expect it to compare to something twice it’s price range. It does give it a run for its money and you can upgrade things like the wheels and saddle to get yours that much more dialed.




    The Ride:


    I was honestly surprised by how well the Black Label rides as soon as I stepped on. You don’t typically find completes in this price range that ride as smooth as this does. The 6061 aluminum is responsive matched up with SRAM Power Spline cranks and carbon fork from State’s sister brand Essor. It feels snappy to me and I like that riding in the city where traffic can be a pain in the ass. After the build I rolled by Pedal Hard to show track guru Robbie the finished product…even he had nothing but good words on the feel of the bike. That being said there were a few things I added and/or changed for personal preference.






    What I Ditched:


    After a few days on the bike I swapped out a few things to get it just how I wanted it.

    First the pedals that came with my setup were the “standard” models. Simple Wellgo pedals and cages that I couldn’t quite slide my feet into (clown foot 13s). Some platforms and Zontrac straps did the trick which is similar to the available upgrade only using Holdfast foot retention. This I would suggest.





    Second I dropped the drops for some small risers because as a big dude they just weren’t cutting it…and I wanted to get down on some whirly birds but that’s beside the point. Stock drops do work just fine just weren’t for me and luckily I have way too much bike junk laying around.


    Lastly I threw on a basket…because they fucking rule.


    Final Words:


    Very impressed with the 6061 Black Label‘s ride and and ease of set up. If this is your first ride you’ll be throwing skids in no time and have the room to upgrade around a solid frame that’ll last. Buying this as a backup or alternate cruise machine I’d say you’ll be just as into it. A couple tweaks and you can have yourself a sweet bike to bounce around town on…especially for the price. Grab one here if you’re looking to get on two wheels as fast as ya can.