• kris
    December 2nd

    About 8 months ago I  got this Eighthinch Manifest rolling on the road. It quickly became my daily using it for my messenger job during the day and getting around town after hours. Overall I was pretty impressed with the bikes ride even if built up with affordable Eighthinch parts. Peep a little review and some photos of my Manifest after the click. Starting something a bit more serious so this will likely become a basket bike for the rainy days…more after I change it up a bit.





    LOOKS: Out of the box the Manifest looks a bit nicer than other “budget” fixed frames on the market. The welds are a okay and the gloss paint is durable. After a good amount of time in the rain and more lockups than I could count the frame is still chip free. After months of being used as a daily work bike only surface scratches from wear and tear can be seen. Quite a few people mentioned the seat tube taper that resembles something of a Visp. Agree that it looks a bit off but still like the overall look once built.




    RIDE: The 6061 aluminum is stiff and responsive as would be expected. Geometry wise the bike is pretty comfortable. My particular frame seemed a bit on the small side for the larger size but a couple extra headset spacers helped. The geometry does make the bike feel a bit relaxed at times but it picks up well once you get moving. Handling in the corners is on point as well whether it’s a sharp one at the hill bottom or a winding section of trail.






    ISSUES: Two relatively simple problems I experienced with the Manifest. After starting to assemble the build I noticed centering sleeve to the *included* zero stack headset was missing. These aren’t too common at bike shops locally so I found something similar on my own. I Also had my bottom bracket back out a handful of times. Nothing serious and likely from extensive riding/part match up but seemed worth noting. A crank or two with a BB tool and good to go with stripping on the threads.






    PROS: Inexpensive (299.99…on sale for 239.00 right now), fork/headset/seat post/seat clamp all included, decently light, smooth ride

    CONS: If you’re looking for a pursuit frame this obviously isn’t it, some partswere  not included in shipping

    OVERALL: A pretty decent ride and one I won’t be taking apart any time soon. 2000+ miles in all sorts of weather and still rolling strong.