• kris
    December 14th

    I just got this Sprinter ‘354 track ring in from Yobi to test out on the track build im putting together. First impression is that this thing is quality! The Sprinter is a CNC machined aluminum ring in a 144BCD pattern. It comes in a 45 or 47 tooth count…i chose a 47 to get that little extra out of it. Hungary is home base for Yobi design awards have been won and track racers are using these on the regular. I have a few other things ill be testing out on the track build so be on the lookout for a complete review of this and some other goodies as well…photos of that stuff as it comes in as well but check the shots of the ‘354 below!

    From Yobi: Designed and tested for/by track racers! Best choice for trick fixies, bike polo and for everyday road trainingor commuting. The Sprinter design is compatible with Shimano 7710, Miche Primato, Sugino 75 track crank arm and all 144 BCD crank arms. (some cheap taiwanese Cranks might taight fit ) Both sides of the chainrings are smooth polished and come with anodized or nickel-chrome finishing. They have smoother and rounder tooth valleys and smoother tooth tops that reduces chain noise and results better runnning chains. The thickness of the drop design shape is only 1.2 mm! When reeling harder shearing stress grows on the teeth and on the boltholes of the chainring. The unique design of the drop shape is based on how the stress travels on the ring, so that’s why it’s possible to reduce the thickness on those parts. This makes Yobi Sprinter’354 one of the best track chainrings on the market. For availability of colors and sizes contact me via mail.