• kris
    October 22nd

    My buddy Russ sent me a text last night telling me his bike was snagged at school. He doenst have a photo of it (its pretty new :/ ) but its the same color as the one below. Specs on his build down there too…

    “It was a blue splatter size large (53) volume thrasher on dual 26 chukkers with 26×1.85 michelin city tires and a white stickered up fumanchu
    No boss cranks with a 44t tree lite
    odyssey wolf seat
    white odyssey pedals with grey and black hold fast
    octane one bars with odi long neck grips and a truvativ stem

    any and all information is helpful. Again i live in the sacramento area and if you see a thrasher that looks a little out of place pm me on here or here’s me email


    If you have any info please hit him up! Ive had a couple bikes stolen so i know this sucks and hed be real psyched to have this thing back!