• kris
    April 4th

    If you’ve read the blog for any amount of time you’ll know I’m rather close with the dudes from Toro and often collaborate with them on events and such. Being that we’re all good friends and from the same little city of Sacramento we’ve decided to work together to bring yall some solid products as well as audio visual entertainment. Here’s the first significant post from the Toro blog as a taste of things to come. The dudes got this together for an event we had toward the end of last year and now we’d like to share it with everyone. Below is a little blurb I wrote for their blog and of course a solid little video that had a lot of time put into it…check the Toro spot out for more goodies!

    For anyone that’s put the time into building up their own bike know’s that it can be quite the process. Deciding on components, sourcing the goods and finding the time to bring it together into a ridable rig can be exhausting. However, the payoff is well worth it when you’re riding around on something born of your own two hands.

    Last summer Kevin decided to take the plunge and build something he’d be proud to be rolling on. Not because it looked flashy or cost a grip of money but rather for the fact that he himself made it happen. For anyone who knows what goes into building something like this we’d like to share it with you. For the rest of you…here’s a look into Kevin’s process and a look at a hot bike.