• Chris Yang
    November 2nd

    Last week having some discussions with the owner of the most unique bike cafe in Taipei City, or probably all over the world. Here it is…W-Water!

    The owner 暉涵, who started running cafe on 2007. At that time, collecting some rare, finest, classic, age-old frames and components was just his hobby. Around July this year, it became the brand new bike cafe with his marvelous collections on the wall as we saw! Collections such as come classic Colnago framesets, rare Campagnolo components, Cinelli Laser, and some old collections that most people have no idea how to find them. However, what surprised me was that the collections in the shop were just the tip of the iceberg…more than 80 pieces of great stuff are still in his pocket! Check out the fan page and Instagram for more details and great photos!

    Photos via Father Tu