• kris
    December 21st

    So with the help of some awesome people (Eighthinch, Dan at Leader and Phil at Cultur…thanks guys!) i built up this beast to ride until the Butchers come in. With my shoulder pretty much healed Ive been bouncing around on it the past week getting used to tricks again…feels quite swell i must say. I noticed while out one day that the Eighthinch hubs are branded now. Never noticed that but thought it pretty cool haha. Anywho, here’s what its made of…be sure to click below to see all the flicks:

    Frame: Eighthinch Scrambler V3
    Fork: Leader Reaper
    Bars: Leader Trickstar
    Grips: Shadow Conspiracy Thirteen
    Bar End: Milwaukee Nickels
    Stem: Eighthinch Freestyle
    Cranks and BB: Eighthinch Splined and Euro BB
    Sprocket and Cog: Eighthinch 37t Splined and 16t cog
    Wheels: Eighthinch Julian V2
    Chain: Eighthinch Halflink
    Tires: 40c (Cheng i believe…something super cheap ha)
    Pegs: Gsport Plegs
    Seat: Cult Pivotal
    Pedal: Eighthinch Street