• kris
    March 31st

    After the recent Oakley Crossrange meet we figured we should pick the brain of the man behind the glasses and put together a few quick ones for Chas. He was kind enough to take a few minutes out of his busy schedule to shoot us some pretty solid answers for our first interview in some time…click through for the whole deal!



    (PC: Lucas)


    1. For those who don’t know you, when and what got you started down the road on two wheels?


    Chas: Hey what’s up my name is Chas, I live in San Francisco CA and try to generally shred life as hard as possible.  I have been riding bikes since I was a kid, to and from school, ripping trails on the weekends.  I got seriously into cycling in Portland, Oregon around 2004 when I got my first CX bike and started racing locally.  It was there that came across bike messengers, racing cyclocross races on their track bikes… literally a slippery slope, and after that I was hooked.

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    July 1st

    After teaming up with Zane on the Instagram contest we have going UNTIL TOMORROW we decided to drop a little 11 Questions on ya. Haven’t done one in a while and haven’t ever done one with a videographer so I’m pretty stoked on this. Zane’s at the forefront of fixed freestyle right now via his involvement with UVT and the successful Can’t Fool the Youth Series. I know a lot of dudes grew up watching 411 videos on the regular so what the CFTY series has brought to the scene is welcomed. Here’s a look into the brain of Zane Meyer…and don’t forget to jump on the Instagram contest before its too lateee.


    (filming Matt Reyes wall 180)


    1) How long have you been riding/involved with the scene?


    ZANE: I got my first bike in 2009. An SE Lager.


    (the early days)


    2) After spending time with some of the top riders on issues 1 and 2 what do you see in store for the future of FGFS?


    ZANE: FGFS has so much potential. The peak has not hit yet especially seeing these Young Gunz pushing the scene. I have always looked at skateboarding as a great parallel to FGFS. The early 2009 days were our “Dog Town” years trying to figure everything out. Now we are in the early 80’s era of skateboarding. The bikes are dialed now, riders perfecting their style and traeling around the world. Bigger companies are going to come in the next year or two and really put this sport on the map for the world to see. I truly believe some riders will make a career outof this sport.


    3) I’m sure you’re stoked on CFTY as a whole but you have to like one section more than the others…which one?


    ZANE: That’s hard. I love the griminess of the road trip. Everyone went hard. Friends section is always fun to edit but Devon’s part was my favorite. Slum and I filmed it and Slum put it together really well.


    4) Editing video means late nights in front of the computer. Favorite fast food joint at 2AM?


    ZANE: No fast food for me. Water and sunflower seeds are usually what I’m eating while editing. Got to get of the seeds…


    5) What motivated you to make the jump from just being into bikes to beingdirectly involved in the industry?


    ZANE: I have had great opportunities come my way. I have always done the video media for Us Versus Them. James Banuelous introduced FGFS to UVT and was managing the team at the time. When Gus first started riding with us I started filming with him and he introduced me to all the Long Beach riders. James later brought  Steven Jensen on the team and gave me the chance to run it. Day 1 I welcomed Devon Lawson and just recently brought Dew Sippawit on board. Then about a year ago I joined Colby (Elrick) & Corbin (Dahl) to run SKYLMT. Stay tuned for big things coming!


    (filming Steven Jensen)


    6) Now that issue 2 is under your belt is what can everyone expect to peep in issue 3?


    ZANE: Issue 1 i filmed and edited just about everything myself. Issue 2 Matt Reyes, Jeff Dempler, Mike Schmitt and Omar (Sebai) helped film and sent in clips. Issue 3 and future issues from here on out will consist of more footage from different filmers. Issue 3 specifically will have a day in the life section. I’m also looking into doing a photo book for issue 3 with the DVD and Gus’s zine inside.


    (Matt Reyes shooting a Jakob Santos double peg for CFTY2)


    7) If you make action sports videos you’ve got to have a favorite…drop one or two and why?


    ZANE: Favorite videos…I grew up skateboarding so I would say 411 Video Magazine. Loved that format. That’s where a lot of the influence came from for CFTY. Fulfill the Dream and any Girl?Chocolate video.


    8) CFTY filled a void for FGFS in my book. What are some overall goals for the series?


    ZANE: Thanks! I would say just to keep filming and the culture and lifestyle that surrounds FGFS.


    9) I know you’re a busy dude with a lot of projects going. What inspires you to keep pushing forward?


    My dad always told me hands are better full than empty. The best inspiration is having creative content in your life. I’m always trying to surround myself with creative people.


    10) Any tips for aspiring filmmakers out there looking to get something started?


    ZANE: Always have your camera around your neck. A lot of the content in my videos were not planned out but just me capturing reality. I wouldn’t go to film school unless someone is paying you.


    11) Shoutouts to the homies?!


    Shout outs…so many…My best friends Vanessa has always stuck by me through my highs and lows. Big shout out to the UVT Fam. Every single person in FGFS that is still pushing the sport. Colby, Matt Reyes, Jeff Dempler, Mike Schmitt and Omar for being involved in the last issue!


    February 5th

    I first met Jball at the Epic Comp late last year and was way stoked on his riding. I’d posted up his edits and photos before but had never seen him ride with my own two eyeballs. I was impressed.And he won. He’s been putting out all sorts of solid stuff lately and really seems to have a damn good time on his bike. I hit him up about picking his brain a bitand he was more than happy to oblige. Hell he sent me some dope photos the next day (shouts to Omar Sebai!). Anywho, this is 11 questions with Jay Ball aka Jball…



    1. You know the drill…ASL? Haha. Really though name, age, locale and years riding…all that biz.


    JB: My name is Johnathan Ball, pretty much everybody I know calls me JBall though, 17 years old, currently residing in the good old OC, and been riding those bikes that don’t stop pedaling coming up on 4 years now.



    2. Pretty sure people were surprised and equally stoked to see you take EPIC comp. How’d you feel about that?


    I was probably just as surprised as everyone else. This being one of my first Pro comps I didnt think Id match up against all the bigger dudes there, haha. Definitely stoked when my name was called.



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    January 7th

    I’m pretty sure I asked Matt to do one of the 11 Questions things at last years Midwest Mayhem? Not too sure but I know it was a hell of a long time ago and is way overdue. Being the solid dude that he is I sent him some long overdue questions and he was more than happy to oblige. He hits some valid points on the game and lets you know what he’s up to. Peep it. Thanks again to Matt for doing this…hopefully see you down south soon!

    I’ll start is off with his SKYLMT edit because its too good. Click through for the whole piece.



    1) Who are you…you know…what people call you, how long you’ve been roaming the Earth and where you choose to reside.


    Matt Spencer. A while ago Fonseca tried to coin me as “silky” but I don’t really fuck with nicknames. 23 years old and just moved up to Hollywood a few months ago.


    2) Years spent killing your knees on your bike?


    About 4 and a half years riding fixed now.


    3) What kind of stuff do you do when you aren’t on your bike? I know you’ve said before that bikes aren’t your life but just a piece of it…what are some of the other pieces?


    I do tons of shit. Into filming and editing almost as mush as I am riding. I run my WOLFDRAWN site, which is pretty, much 100% original content and I make some products for the blog. Also, have a non-bike related clothing line on the side I have recently started that’s doing good SOWET69.COM. Do some freelance design work here and there. Then after all of that I try to have some kind of a life and go out and party.