• kris
    December 19th

    JBall reposted up his 3:30 yesterday and got a few people talking. Looks like there’s going to be some new episodes on the way from some heavy hitters. Until then here’s a few of my favorites so far!









    November 7th

    Right around the time Ramon Antonio started contributing on here a bit he put this bad boy together. Some good stuff in here worth sharing again before Thursday comes to an end.



    June 10th

    I’ve been itching to start the 3:30 series back up for some time now and finally have a few coming in to get it going. First up this time around is lockedcog’s own Ramon Antonio aka Mon. He snagged some clips around Ride and Style just before destroying his wrist on that hefty gapper at the end. Luckily for us he got more than enough for a little afternoon banger and a good start to some new 3:30s. That gap to firecracker at 0:27 is so fucking sick and definitely my favorite clip in this.



    March 25th

    This 3:30 episode is the second to make its way over form Portugal via Ricardo Lino. He went out with his good friend Jotta to grab some clips in what looks like one of the most awesome lookig places to ride. That sunset view from the oceanfront spot is perfect. Jotta has some tech lines in here and a rad ender at one dope ass rail spot.  Stoked to work with someone whos has a smooth style and tricks to back it but doesn’t get enough coverage. The dudes came through on this one for sure. To peep more Jotta content hit Concept, Malbina and Choose. Big ups to Lino and Jotta for keeping the series going this week!





    March 25th

    I’m pretty sure Sol sent this over to me this weekend. I say think  because he seems to be taking down and reopening his facebook accounts so at this point its a bit hard to keep track. Fitting for his off the wall style. This also may or may not be a teaser for an upcoming 3:30 form Sol. We’ll see…either wat this shot is pretty damn brutalll.


    March 11th

    The ringleader of Lockedcog has risen from the laundromat of the washed up to present you his very own 3:30. It’s easy to say that Kris has a style like no one else, whenever we go riding he’s always hunting for weird wavy-bumpy-jumpy obstacles to get some funky line on. Peep this quickie for some fresh footy and expect more from him soon on a brand new oddly sized bicycle.





    He also has a chicken fetish, in case you didn’t know.


    February 25th

    When Jball hit me up asking about the 3:30 series there was no hesitation. Kid’s got style and tricks for days not to mention he won the last major pro comp at Epic last December. Having been looking to start a new batch I was stoked that he was down to start them off. He we out with Omar Sebai and some of the homies to get some clips that week to shoot over. By some I mean more than enough solid stuff that could just as easily have been used in a solo edit. Good shit in here for sure. We finally get to see that wall to bar clip that was in his interview a bit back and there’s plenty of tech stuff in the mix. JB…you kill my man. Thanks again for getting these to me dudes!




    Charles Albright – “I’m A Fine Young Man and I’m Doing So Well”


    HD version will be swapped out…was having sound and embed issues. JB kills it anyway so who really cares! Also, I scrapped the annoying alarm clock intro until I make something else…seemed people weren’t too into it…and I was over it haha.

    February 22nd

    So I took some time off from the 3:30 series obviously. It gets hard to gather content and edit them every other week when life gets busy. That being said there’s a bunch more on the way starting Monday. Calling it “Season 2” for lack of a better term. Decided to move the day around but the time stays the same (and will be on time every other week!) First up will be Jball’s and holy shit is it going to be good. Just got the clips from him and am real impressed with how it came out. Kid kills for sure. Here’s a screen shot to hold you over the weekend!


    Hell maybe I’ll even do one this time…



    December 25th

    Here’s the special Christmas edition of 3:30 coming in all the way from Ricardo Lino. We’re a few hours late but eh…its Christmas! I was stoked when he hit me up to do this and even though he had some equipment issues I think it still came out sick. His lights and 7 spokes broke during filming in this rad warehouse and he still got enough solid shot to get this together. I tossed some Ramones Christmas tunes on there to keep it holiday. Hope everyone had a dope day with fam and friends. Peep this and g get some seconds on that grub. Huge thanks to Ricado for putting in work on this one. Stoked to have people dropping shit from around the world…thanks for the support homies!

    December 24th

    So I have a pretty cool night shot of my bike in front of the giant Christmas tree at the capital here in Sac. It’s on my computer. I’m in a car heading to some family festivities. This cat picture will have to hold yall over until Ricardo Linos 330 tomorrow. Gonna be sick. Merry Christmas and a happy whatever else you might celebrate.