• Devin Armstrong
    March 26th

    This past weekend Victor Ouma hosted the biggest, baddest, most insane alleycat in the world and it just wrecked NYC streets once again. This year competitors traveled from all over the world to compete in this brakeless fixed gear street race.
    only the brave and courages came out to race in freezing 35 degree weather with rain and snow throughout the race.





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    March 2nd

    San Francisco is easily one of the best cities for alleycats and it’s not hard to see why. West Side Invite is just a few months away so fundraisers like last weekend’s Mean Streets of China Town are in full swing. Peep the edit and stay up to date for more as the big weekend in the bay approaches…you can bet we’ll be out covering!



    January 12th

    With the holidays and a few birthdays in the rear view at last we’re ready to charge into 2017 full speed ahead. With some new blood on the site of the many things on our plate this year is planning some races. This flick of the recent Conocat Alleycat just got me stoked to get down to business. Click play and stay tuned for some heavy updates from us here!


    December 8th

    Definitely need some more alleycat in my life…this one from 48quince at Alleycat Rosario looks too damn fun!


    June 28th

    Barcelona has long been a prime spot for urban cycling and all that goes with it. From Red Hook to alleycats the streets of BCN are no stranger to fast paced adventures in the capital city. This recap from the La Doggy event is enough to get you itching to pop over and see for yourself…



    June 23rd

    This year’s North American Cycle Courier Champs makes it’s way back to the busy streets of NYC. Registration is open so you can your spot, book a plane or spot some couches to start getting prepped before October sneaks on up . Going on 18 years, NACCCs is one of the longest running urban cycling events all year and well worth skipping to New York!



    April 5th

    In its 19th year and with 300 rider form al over the world the Stupor Bowl is one of the biggest, baddest and most fun races around. In a cold Minneapolis the day before “The Big Game” riders brave the cold and snow in search of checkpoints and cold beverages. Kevin Sparrow grabbed a nice collection of shots from this year’s event to be shared by the city’s own All-City Cycles. Check a couple below then jump here for the post and here for the whole set!



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    January 9th

    This year’s Cycle Messenger World Champs will be taking over the streets in the City of Light. Come August messengers from around the world will descend on Paris for the 24th annual gathering of couriers. If you’re headed that way lucky you but if no keep up on ParisCMWC for updates!



    November 30th

    Doesn’t get much more real than racing track bikes on the streets of NYC. Last year’s “Rookie Race” was full of skitches and spills in true alleycat style as everyone navigated the checkpoints gunning for that first place finish. Here’s a fresh cut of the cold March race adding to the already upped BodaBoda! piece from posted just after the event. It’s high time we had something like this here in Sacramento again…been far too long!


    September 16th

    Matt grabbed some good snaps from last weekend’s MASH video world premiere for Wheel Talk. With track bikes well on the rise again the turnout was good and stoke was definitely high. Pop over for some other great images from days events on the streets of SF!