• kris
    July 18th

    FOAD dudes never disappoint and this solo bit for Chase Davis is good beginning to end. Definitely on another level with some of those bars combos. It’s #bmxday got throw some tricks!



    February 6th

    Matt Miller with something spicy to get the morning started…

    February 4th

    Its good to know that in a world of not knowing what the hell happened to bmx, There is Animal Bikes comin’ through with this gem to let ya know that there is some hope left in the world for little bikes.






    This is dope……. cept for dat rappin at the end….. but addya gone do!



    May 27th

    Damn. Every Kriss Kyle edit I watch has my jaw dropping at some point. A fakie front flip and a huge transfer definitely kept that true this time around. Dude is too good…and to think this is just a park edit.


    May 4th

    BEST FUCKING THING ALL WEEKEND. “Same as his last, nose manual the grass.” Most quotable video ever….someone get these kids a TV show. Really though this is what riding bikes is about right here. Fun in the front yard learning new things. You can bet  I’ll be doing all my pressure time machines to whatever out from now on.




    February 3rd

    Tanner is a fucking maniac, he progresses non-stop like some kind of machine. Every time I see a new edit come out I know it’s going to be all killer no filler and this one does not cease to amaze. Watch this shit and make sure you’re sitting and not ingesting any liquids.

    January 30th

    7 minutes creativity right here. Dude does some weird tech stuff and throws in a couple big boy clips just for good measure. Tire slide everything…love it.



    January 10th

    I have a hard time not posting BSD flicks. Just too much style both on both sides of the lens. Liam here can link anything and make it look easy.



    January 6th

    Damn. Some days I just love me some BMX. Especially when its fire like this!



    December 13th

    New edit from the Hell or Win dudes in Ireland. Clip at :22 was sick as hell. Win.