• Chris Yang
    January 23rd

    After project “Midnight City“, another chance to sneak out in the dark and shot some pics on my homie Tim reppin’ this shirt! The shirt itself is super comfortable and good for riding! Only few in stock, currently running out on Medium and X-Large. Swoop here



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    Angel Perez
    January 5th

    Took my Parallax out for a spin on the Santa Ana River Trail from Yorba Linda to Newport Beach. The trail follows a waterway that extends to the Pacific Coast Highway, right smack dab in the middle of Newport and Huntington Beach. Was a cloudy day, chillin, making my way downtown, riding fast, faces past and I’m home bound.. Da nanananana… Peace out.32-133-134-124-127-129-1

    Devin Armstrong
    December 20th

    Adam Seavers and I just threw one of the best Tracklocross races to ever come to Sacramento. Such a great turnout for just a race scrapped together by a couple of kids trying to get their fixed gear community doing a bit more than just riding around spot to spot drinking and doing fixie tricks. (Even though we love fixie tricks)


    Tracklomento consisted of a quarter mile dirt trail alongside the American river just right behind the Blue Diamond Almond factory. 10 Laps, 18 riders and a ton of shredding to beheld.  Besides all the fun dirt trails and puddles the racers had to bomb through on Track bikes, they also had to maneuver around a gnarly hobo camp towards the end of the course. After awhile the hobos weren’t too happy with us but by then the race was all finished up.


    Our winners were: 1st Jean Padilla (TCB Courier), 2nd James Newman (Macaframa), and 3rd Jonathan Jones! It was a vicious battle between Jean and James, as James was first to shoot right through the hole shot and create a huge gap. According to the racers there was a huge crash that held back many competitors and pushed james newman even further away from the pack. The breakaway was held for majority of the race by James, but Jean didn’t let the distance break his focus of winning. Watching Jean hunt down James was marvelous sight as if i was watching a ferocious lion hunting its prey.



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    Chris Yang
    July 19th

    While filming our next night time project of Track Or Trick, I got some chances to explore some spots in the city and took some pics on my dude Tim Huang‘s Cinelli Parallax! Stay tuned for the new project.


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    Chris Yang
    December 7th

    There is no doubt that Mash Sf 10 years anniversary is the biggest event going down this year! Holding many movie premieres in places like London, LA, SF, Japan and so forth. Taiwan also just finished the premiere few days ago! And now finally have a great opportunity to snap shots on this masterpiece designed by Garrett Chow! There’s definitely a devil in the details. Perfect black and gold colorway with hundreds of parallel lines intersecting to form this complex design! My bro Eric got this 10 years frame as 39 out of 100 and was the first homie who got this in Taiwan! Enjoy this great build from Kendo Shop guys!



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    Chris Yang
    April 13th

    Few weeks earlier some of my homies from Hong Kong coming to Taiwan for the crit! And hell yeah got this opportunity to snap some shots with my great friend Peter Yiu, the HK alleycat race champion from the team Mofo Xprez, on his unique street style Cinelli Mash Parallax! Always diggin’ those sticker bombing style on the bike and Peter definitely got some good tastes! The build itself was damn sure aggressive from that Cadence stem to Suntour crankset! Check more photos of the build here…


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    March 17th

    No neon hype on these new Parallax kit from Mash. They kept it simple with a black and gray palette and matching Parallax pattern. Swoop here!




    Chris Yang
    February 3rd

    Today took a great ride out with my homies Link and Tim to the abandoned graffiti zone to snap some shots with our track bikes! Great that we still can see those cool graffiti artworks around the town in Taipei City!


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