• kris
    August 8th

    Faster Than Yesterday recently sent over their uber comfy and aptly named “Debut” Merino pocket tees to give a go. New shirts in the rotation meant two of us checking out their fit both on the work bikes and after hours around town. Peep the quick rundown below on what we liked and be sure to stay tuned for a little collabo with Chris and Sav here soon!





    The Debut has the perfect cut for a slim look that won’t disappoint as the days miles pile up. Where some wool can be a tad stiff, this bad boy comes with an anti-chafe rear collar and elastic overlock stitched collars to keep it moving as fast as you do.





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    February 15th

    Chas getting down with reflective materials and lighting up the night for MASH in this newest bit. Crazy to think this was all produced with smartphones and some proper creativity both in front and behind the lens. Click through for the behind the scenes footage and be sure to pop over to MASH as usual!




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    December 5th

    Now that the Black Friday dust has settled it might be time to really get down to business on your holiday shopping. With seven new kits, tees, Motor Oil bottle and the fresh 365 snap back there’s more than enough to gift from the Heavy Pedal…or keep yourself looking fresh. There’s a few of my favorites after the click but be sure to pop over to see all the new new!



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    November 23rd

    Another prime time to snag some goods on the cheap this weekend from the pals over at the Heavy Pedal. With a plethora of kits and plenty of soft goods to grab you won’t want to miss a chance to take 40% off your entire order. Not many people giving that deep a discount so pop over to grab your code and get your list going!



    November 2nd

    God & Famous new L8R Coach Jacket fits the bill when you need a little less tech while you’re out and about. Reflective accents and storm flaps/drawstrings still keep you prepped for about anything even if it’s just heading out for a cold one. Swoop here and be sure to check the lookbook for some finer details!



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    October 25th

    God & Famous is making America great again with the release of their Idiocracy kit. Ispired by everything that made the 90’s in the US the best years ever with hint of Trump hitting his peak. Swoop here before they’re decades gone by…


    October 6th

    The Heavy Pedal thinking outside the box with the release of their new Modular Kit series. The three three jerseys in the collection pair with any of the three matching bibs for a total of nine different possible combos. Inspired by the Memphis Design and Architecture group from the 80’s you’re sure to stand out in any combo you snag here



    September 30th

    Returning to take on another season of rain and wind is the God & Famous Smoke Shell 2. Updated with Paincave graphics, a new white colorway and reflective logo this bad boy improves on what was already a great winter piece. Keeping everything that made the original great and giving you a bit more for your money this bad boy can be grabbed right here. Click through for more and peep the quick bit from Stay Alive featuring Kenny Kim taking the white shell for a spin in NYC!



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    September 8th

    When you want to “dad” on the daily you’ll definitely need more than one head piece to do the job. Introducing the Other Dad Hat from the dudes at God & Famous. It may be after labor day but this white 6 panel has a fashion sense all it’s own…swoop before they’re gone like a twinkie in a lunch box!




    September 6th

    After success with the Storm 415 boot and plenty of requests for an SPD version Chrome has answered the call. Designed for the daily grind of messengers this all weather work boot takes the abuse of the streets and still gets you to the bar in style. Just in time for fall and available now!



    chrome storm 415 spd