• Chris Yang
    June 23rd

    Can’t remember when was the last time I posted, but glad that this week got a new bike to post! After the work of our film “Midnight City“, got hit up by the dude in Korea for lacing up with the newest Engine 11 Sprinter frameset! This metallic grey colorway really got me into. Looking forward to seeing how this beautiful machine got built up. Stay tuned~~


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    March 23rd

    Devin is making his way back to New York for this year’s Red Hook Brooklyn and will be repping Engine 11 and Lockedcog to the fullest. Not his for time to the Big Apple having worked as a messenger there this will be his first major crit. He recently got his Engine 11 Sprinter dialed in for the race so we hit Old Sacramento for a few quick photos to break it in. Click through for a few more flicks and be sure to check back for coverage from his NYC trip next month!


    Devin 3-1

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    Chris Yang
    August 27th

    Homie Morgan got his new road machine sprinting on the roads! Now I have to admit I seldom rode my road bike but I’m always fascinated by those high end excellent road builds. Morgan got his Engine 11 Skyline build up with some outstanding components. There’s no doubt about the braking smoothness of Dura Ace set! Road bike is a whole new world for him and I believe the dude is gonna spend more time..and $…on his new sweet F-117 Nighthawk!





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