• kris
    July 20th

    It’s not often you see the BB17 Transfer rolling around in this colorway so after seeing this one I had to snag a few. My buddy Nate built this up for his girl Sierra and It’s definitely nicer than some of my past bikes. OmniZen is always a good choice and I’ll never get over this flat grey/gloss black paint…more after the click!



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    Chris Yang
    July 19th

    While filming our next night time project of Track Or Trick, I got some chances to explore some spots in the city and took some pics on my dude Tim Huang‘s Cinelli Parallax! Stay tuned for the new project.


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    July 8th

    With cross season just around the corner I was beyond stoked when local heroes Squid Bikes offered up one of their Rattlecan rigs to give a go. Albeit a demo ride, this second version of their popular CX frame came built up with Force Hydro and a fine set of shoes by way of Portland’s Hi-Fi wheels. I’ve only had it about a week but with it’s glossy Spray.Bike finish and how well it eats dirt I’m already loving it. Much more on the way after spending some more time with it!