October 17th

This is a build Greg has been eager to get going for a couple of months now and though I’ve only seen a couple in person his Mash Work came out primo. From the vintage (and rare) black Dura Ace track cranks to the his HED Belgium shoes this thing is meant to move. Surprising light for a steel frame set and real fun to ride…click through for a few more!



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October 7th

Sometimes it’s just easier to rack it up. This is Henry’s current setup for roaming around at work here in Sacramento…



October 6th

The Heavy Pedal thinking outside the box with the release of their new Modular Kit series. The three three jerseys in the collection pair with any of the three matching bibs for a total of nine different possible combos. Inspired by the Memphis Design and Architecture group from the 80’s you’re sure to stand out in any combo you snag here



September 30th

Returning to take on another season of rain and wind is the God & Famous Smoke Shell 2. Updated with Paincave graphics, a new white colorway and reflective logo this bad boy improves on what was already a great winter piece. Keeping everything that made the original great and giving you a bit more for your money this bad boy can be grabbed right here. Click through for more and peep the quick bit from Stay Alive featuring Kenny Kim taking the white shell for a spin in NYC!



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September 28th

Now about a decade old the Louis Garneau Pursuit frames are a a bit of a rarity out on the streets. Adam picked this one up a few months back and has been abusing it as much as possible from Mission Crit to tricks here in Sac. Having worked in a shop with Adam some years back I’ve seen his addiction to cycling grow to an appreciation for fine machines like this. A few more photos after the click and more to come from him here soon…



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September 22nd

Had a chance to meet up with Mario on some recent standby to snap a few quick ones of his hooked up Super Pista. Some nice carbon FSA bit with the bars and cranks and a Razor seatpost to finish off keeping his baby light and nimble. Worth noting that he laced the front crow’s foot pattern himself and some people aren’t fans it did come out real good. Definitely seems top tube pads are back in as of late and I can’t say I’m mad about it…click through for a few more!



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September 21st

After changing the cycling light game up a few years back the team at Revolights ups the ante yet again. Their forthcoming Eclipse+ syncs to their app via Bluetooth to make lighting up on the go and tracking your rides easier than ever. Along with the new connectivity comes the addition of turn signals, weather updates and my favorite new feature auto on/off.  Having had a pair of the original set that I loved you can bet I’ll be tossing a set of these on a city getter once they drop. More on the new features after the jump and be sure to hit the official Eclipse+ landing page for more!








Your lights automatically turn on when you need them to – like when you’re about to start a ride or when it gets dark.


The turn signal functionality can be activated through the app, the included remote or upcoming gesture recognition.


The intelligent weather forecast helps remind you to bring a coat if it rains later or lets you know if it’ll be sunny for the entire ride.






Eclipse+ tracks your ride with high accuracy and will automatically provide you with ride data, such as speed and distance.


The battery status is displayed in real-time and you’ll receive alerts when the battery charge is low.


Eclipse+ helps you reach your riding goals by automatically tracking your rides and displaying your achievements.



September 13th

This versatile mix of a spot has been a Sacramento staple for both bikes and skateboards for years now. A couple of bumps, wall rides and a loading dock keep things interesting on an evening sesh. Here’s of couple of Joey from last Friday…definitely heading back here for a few things!




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September 13th

Anodized components and other 80’s throwbacks have been on the up and up so these new purple bits from Paul will go fast. Released in limited batches over the next few months these accents will take you back to when Rad was well…rad. Details below then jump here to swoop!




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September 8th

When you want to “dad” on the daily you’ll definitely need more than one head piece to do the job. Introducing the Other Dad Hat from the dudes at God & Famous. It may be after labor day but this white 6 panel has a fashion sense all it’s own…swoop before they’re gone like a twinkie in a lunch box!