• kris
    March 24th

    When COG Magazine had to close up shop a while back it was definitely at a loss for urban cycling culture. Taking note of that they’re back and better than ever with a new release called TWO. Right off the bat you can tell this will be at least as good if not better than it’s predecessor with all sort of content and some new contributors. Pop over to their store to grab one!



    May 15th

    Newest issue of Stoked On Fixed Bikes just hit the web. A good issue covering everything from Ride + Style to Fixed Days and everything in between. A long one worth clicking through so head here for the whole issue!




    April 2nd

    The best urban cycling magazine has dusted off the winter snow and released Urban Velo #41. Lots of good content in the mix from the staple “Riding in the City” to the new “City Report” section that is bound to be a good one. Click over to view the issue online or head here for some other viewing options…a good read indeed.



    October 4th

    Waiting on the English version of Cyklen 7 to drop so I can peep Sean Martin‘s interview among the other good in this issue. Peep the Cyklen Site for more!


    September 26th

    Bombtrack has been doing it right since the beginning. Out of the gate they dropped more stuff than most companies have event developed and its no surprise that this lookbook of the compete builds is just as top notch. Click over and flip through to get a good look at what rides they have to offer. At 48 pages this should be a good look!



    September 24th

    Here’s the newest issue of SOFB with all sorts of good content in the 100 page issue. Red Hook Barcelona, Anthony Combs interview and a rad Still Pour section are just a few of the goodies in here. Some Eurobike coverage in there as well for everyone who didn’t make it overseas or to iBike this year. Click here for the full Issue!



    July 28th

    Newest issue of SOFB is up and has some good stuff inside. Grime US Tour, Ride + Style and  Juliet Elliott interview are just a few things worth a look. Tru Fix Riga coverage is solid too…still think that event looks way fun. Read the whole thing here.



    June 19th

    The Forward Set just upped their shiny new digs on the web today. Formerly 904 Fixed, they’ve now widened their ideas and thus a new image to build on. Hit them from time to time to keep up on their team and what’s good with them in urban cycling.


    June 4th

    Fixed Mag. is getting its 15th issue together set to release the end of June. The cover shot of Tom from the Southern Safari video is too sick and well captured by Trace Taylor. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled here for when the issue drops…looks like there’s going to be some solid content to flip through.

    May 29th

    Newest issue of Urban Velo is out now and looking good with some Ride and Style coverage. View it online or download it here. A bit on Red Hook in there too so you know its a good read!