• lucas nissen
    March 28th

    A couple of weeks ago I hopped the train up to San Francisco to check out the release of a new offering from Oakley. We met up with Chas Christensen at Oakley’s Market street location, and settled in for a quick rundown on the new frames before heading out on a ride. First, a little about the new sunglasses and then a few questions for Chas.


    The Crossrange Collection is a lot like Clark Kent and Superman –  one pair of shades, but with a quick swap of the arms and nose piece, changing from casual hangout to ride ready doesn’t require a phone booth!


    Chillin’ – The Lifestyle earsocks have a more relaxed fit for all day comfort, and the nose piece holds them closer to your face.


    Ridin’ – The earsocks have a much more snug fit paired with Unobtanium™ over the ears to help them stay put on your face once you begin to sweat. The nose piece keeps the frames farther away from your face and also features Unobtanium™ to keep them in place.


    Lenses- built from a series of dyes that are made to control the color contours. Though created to increase the visibility of road markings,  they also have specific trail prizm lenses if you are more of an off road trail rider.





    Chas talked a little about his daily routine, gave the group a few pointers of riding in city traffic and we were off.


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    June 5th

    Picked up some of these from Sean at Destroy last weekend while down in Redwood City. Been looking for some bombproof cranks for a minute now and the “Hella” Blasted 22mms to be the answer. Judging by the design and welds pretty sure I won’t have to worry about blowing out cranks for some time. Dig the ovalized design on these that keeps them as light as other 19mm cranks but still enough meat for that 22mm interface. Logos look pretty rad engraved on there too. Just waiting for a sprocket and I can get these rollin. A few more detail shots after the jump..

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