• kris
    August 8th

    It’s still summer but there’s no doubt that the weather is beginning to gear up for cross season. No matter what size wheels you’ll be hitting the dirt with Gríem has you covered with their tubeless Pro line. With a few of us getting our setups ready for the season be on the lookout for a review here soon. In the meantime pop over and check out the full line of Gríem Pro CX rubber for this year!




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    August 8th

    Faster Than Yesterday recently sent over their uber comfy and aptly named “Debut” Merino pocket tees to give a go. New shirts in the rotation meant two of us checking out their fit both on the work bikes and after hours around town. Peep the quick rundown below on what we liked and be sure to stay tuned for a little collabo with Chris and Sav here soon!





    The Debut has the perfect cut for a slim look that won’t disappoint as the days miles pile up. Where some wool can be a tad stiff, this bad boy comes with an anti-chafe rear collar and elastic overlock stitched collars to keep it moving as fast as you do.





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    March 19th

    For bikes that take a bit more of a beating it’s often convenient to have a quick release seat clamp for a bit more maneuverability on the go. Whether its dropping you cyclocross seat for a for a bit more room on a downhill or getting your track bike more dialed for some bumps this is just what you need. Paul’s QR clamp is CNC machined, rocks an internal cam and looks as good as everything that comes off their production line. We have one these on the way so stay tuned for a full review…in the mean time swoop here!

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    February 15th

    Knog is constantly at the drawing board dialing in new products or revising current ones to make them even better. The success of their Blinder series is no secret but the new Minis slim things down more than ever. The DOT, Niner and Chippy all boast bright LED setups in a array of colors and configurations. Peep the lineup below and be on the lookout for reviews once these bad boys hit our doorstep!








    Named after it’s single LED the DOT keeps it simple yet pulls in extra style with four different faceplate colors.




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    November 28th

    I was too stoked when North St. Bags sent this little guy through a couple weeks back. Though we’re pretty close to a full review on the multi-use Pioneer hip/bar bag, here’s a couple quick looks at both setup options. With a handful of zips and a removable inner pocket the Pioneer has options for days…tune in for an inside look later this week!




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    September 21st

    After changing the cycling light game up a few years back the team at Revolights ups the ante yet again. Their forthcoming Eclipse+ syncs to their app via Bluetooth to make lighting up on the go and tracking your rides easier than ever. Along with the new connectivity comes the addition of turn signals, weather updates and my favorite new feature auto on/off.  Having had a pair of the original set that I loved you can bet I’ll be tossing a set of these on a city getter once they drop. More on the new features after the jump and be sure to hit the official Eclipse+ landing page for more!








    Your lights automatically turn on when you need them to – like when you’re about to start a ride or when it gets dark.


    The turn signal functionality can be activated through the app, the included remote or upcoming gesture recognition.


    The intelligent weather forecast helps remind you to bring a coat if it rains later or lets you know if it’ll be sunny for the entire ride.






    Eclipse+ tracks your ride with high accuracy and will automatically provide you with ride data, such as speed and distance.


    The battery status is displayed in real-time and you’ll receive alerts when the battery charge is low.


    Eclipse+ helps you reach your riding goals by automatically tracking your rides and displaying your achievements.



    July 8th

    With cross season just around the corner I was beyond stoked when local heroes Squid Bikes offered up one of their Rattlecan rigs to give a go. Albeit a demo ride, this second version of their popular CX frame came built up with Force Hydro and a fine set of shoes by way of Portland’s Hi-Fi wheels. I’ve only had it about a week but with it’s glossy Spray.Bike finish and how well it eats dirt I’m already loving it. Much more on the way after spending some more time with it!




    Chris Yang
    June 28th

    I’ve been looking for some waist chain locks for some time and always amazed by the products from Hiplok! Huge thanks to them for sending their proud lock for our test product review. Hiplok combines the concept of adjustable belt with chain lock, which makes it easy to loosen and tighten. For riders in Taipei City, sometimes it’s hard to lock the bike to a pole with a small U-lock. Hiplok wearable bike lock helps the cyclists easily and quickly lock their bikes and…the most important of all, it gives you more safety.


    The Hiplok Gold Superbright features a highly reflective sleeve, giving maximum visibility when riding on the streets at night! If you are a messenger, this lock definitely suits you! For more info. head to their website and check out more details of Gold Superbright! Get your bike locked safely and buy more time!



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    May 4th

    From unboxing the Blackburn Grid 13 multitool I knew it wouldn’t be leaving my bag. The key here is layout which makes things less clunky and each tool that much easier to use. Toss in a wide selection of wrenches, drivers and the obligatory bottle opener and the Grid is perfect tagging along for the ride. Click through for a closer look and a few words on this little guy…



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    April 28th

    Having just launched the newest collection of Commuter the friends at Levi’s shot over some of their new denim for us to try. With Sacramento’s already warm weather I’m stoked on a pair of the 541 shorts while Chris snagged some of their staple trousers. Look for more to come after we put in some time on the pavement!