• kris
    August 17th

    Managed to get a couple photos out and about a few nights back. Though I don’t get out for tricks all the time it has been a bit more enticing with sessions like these. Asher got a little table action and I spent the night kicking the wall…


    August 15th

    This right here is easily one of our favorites to hit the web as of late. Quality camera work, good music and a hefty bag of tricks make the four minutes of Wild Track well worth it. Sit back and give it a couple clicks…


    August 14th

    It’s no secret that track bike tricks are back more than ever and there’s no better better place to be these days than sunny LA. Chris here has been at it a while but this quick profile makes for a good look at the daily for someone heavy in the scene…


    August 9th

    It’s no secret that Addison Zawada is a beast on anything with two wheels. This new jam from State is a step above however with him pushing his Thunderbird CX to the limit on some nice doubles. Smooth as hell hitting this line plus he sprinkles in a backflip for good measure.



    July 6th

    The homies at 3B’s released their short Pot Shots & Bangers a month back and as with most projects there’s plenty that doesn’t make the first cut. Here’s a little extra of Dylan Row mixing some SLC street riding with a good bag of tricks. Can’t go wring with some good b-roll and you can check the full length below…






    March 30th

    Like Sacramento it’s safe to say Bandung, Indonesia’s bike party has a good mix of different rides. What sets Move the Wheels apart from any other is definitely the trick comp, cold sprints and a bomb looking buffet. Definitely need to get something like this together here!



    March 22nd

    The road to Salt Lake City for NAHBS was a long one but Angel and I definitely packed in some fun along the way. From firework stands to tricks in the desert, if an opportunity for some rad photos popped up we jumped on it. Here’s a handful of shots from the roadside attractions we stopped at…


    SLC 32-1SLC 23-1

    SLC 18-1

    SLC 14-1

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    March 8th

    Though Matt’s been working with and for Chrome for some time now he officially joins the Famila team with this rad spot shot in NYC. He’s been the king of fixed freestyle for a while but I have to admit I’m digging all the track bike stuff he’s been doing lately a bit more. Solid dude on a solid crew…check more over on Chrome!



    February 6th

    When you’re on a mission for that cold one. Good visuals in this one from Mario Cranks for a DaShape x La Bicicleta collaboration…



    Chris Yang
    January 6th

    Constantine Bikes from Korea has been out there promoting their brand for a long time! Their vibes in all the videos are just outstanding. Recently they’re posting the new trick track video featuring their rider Daniel Mateus. Super smooth and chill mood. Head to Constantine website and peek more beautiful bikes!