December 1st

If you follow or race in the Rad Race series it’s just about time to start getting stoked. Registration for the 2017 season starts December 10th and if the turnout is anything like this year it’ll be well worth tuning or clipping in. Pop over for all the deets on next seasons the events!


November 30th

A little track bike minimalism on the streets of Seoul from HaCheon Park. Digging the cuts on this one…

November 23rd

This most recent episode of Streets of Chrome slipped through while we were tweaking the site but it’s too good not to get up for my dude John. He’s been ripping for years and no matter what’s thrown at him you know he going to get sick with it. So stoked to see him putting  sacramento on the map and if you’ve seen this already…give it another click!


November 17th

This is probably the best thing I’ve seen video wise for fixed freestyle in some time. Matt Reyes showing you that if you don’t know Mike or Andy you’re already blowing it…


Chris Yang
November 13th

Mayhem Fixed from Malaysia has been out there in this community for a long time and always producing some dope bags and accessories for the urban riders. Earlier this year, they started filming for themselves to represent the idea and the passion on two wheels! Here’s the teaser of their official film, which is currently working in the process. Looking forward to what they will come up with!



November 2nd

Still digging Terry’s “Chasing” series and this collection of b-roll from Matt‘s is as good as any of them. NYC will always be a favorite for hitting the streets…




October 26th

Disorderly Habits teamed up with Age Cycles over the summer to create a three piece of visuals featuring their latest track offerings. If nothing else these are a proper look at shredding the streets of Brussels, Belgium and I dig. Pop over to peep everything new from Age…



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October 25th

This one from Terry B and Matt Reyes had me out and about and craving some pizza. Some raw footage of NYC that should get you motivated…or at least a bit hungry. If you haven’t been following Terry’s “Chasing” series you’re blowing it!


October 20th

FOAD‘s long awaited “The Good Times Are Killing Me” is releasing this Saturday with premieres all over the globe. If you’re in Sacramento you’re in luck as we’re teaming up with Velo Trap to be of the first to screen this bit of epicness. If you aren’t lucky enough to be near one of the events hang tight ’til Monday with the full video hits the web! We’ll be starting at about 8pm with the actual screening at 9 so if you’re local be sure to swing by…




October 17th

This is one of the best things I’ve seen…maybe ever. Track bikes meet meet a cross between snowboarding and cross-country skiing in trip I could never dream up. Looks like a lot of work went into this and it’s sure inspiring in where two wheels can take you. Definitely out for an adventure on this one…even a little pond skim there at the end!