• kris
    October 27th


    The Outlier Merino Hoodie is made from superfine New Zealand Merino. Merino means it is soft, comfortable, warm and breathable, for everyday wear. We use an 18.8 micron grade of merino that most other companies use for next to skin garments, it’s comfortable enough to rock naked. Merino is naturally antimicrobial so it doesn’t stink after a day (or three) of wear like so many other materials will.  When you start pedaling hard, the merino wicks away moisture keeping you dry and cool. Slow down or stop though and it will keep you as warm as any other good wool sweater. Head inside and it’s temperature regulating properties mean you won’t overheat.



    OUTLIER_CharBlue_Flat OUTLIER_Black_Flat Hoodie-LtGray-Flat