• kris
    October 12th


    Most cycling caps are designed to last a season, our Waxed Cotton Cap is made to last beautifully for many seasons to come. The water resistant waxed cotton fabric protects you from the wind and rain and builds a rich character and texture as it ages. The double lined, made in New York City construction both gives it the right insulation to get you through those brisk autumn and winter rides and results in a far more durable cap. The grosgrain banding and bengaline lining will mold to your head shape over time make for a cap that might just age better than you. Made in collaboration with our friend and master milliner Victor Osborne, we’ve just slightly touched up the cut for this autumn by deepening the darts ensuring it fits better under your helmet and looks great both on and off the bike. outlier.cc

    Looks pretty good, waxed everything seems to be the new cool thing to do. Comes in Navy, Army Green, Black and Stone Blue Made in NYC for $60.

    OUTLIER-WXC-Black-Side OUTLIER-WXC-Green-Profile OUTLIER-WXC-StBlue-Profile