• kris
    May 19th

    Check this. If youre looking to score some nifty swag from eighthinch all you need is your beat ol’ mallet and a camera…info below.

    Here are the rules:

    Take a picture of your most used and abused mallet and post it to our facebook page. We’ll choose whoever has the saddest, ugliest, beat up mallet and replace theirs with a new EighthInch one. We’ll be sending out a prize pack to the best team photo of mallets and one to the best individual photo. The mallets must be ones actually used from polo, no sad pictures of soda cans on sticks please.

    We’ll decide the winner when we come in next Monday, 5/24 and ship them out right away.


    Best photo of team mallets
    – x3 EighthInch Mallet Head’s — x3 EighthInch Pint Glasses — x3 EighthInch T-Shirts

    Best individual mallet photo
    – EighthInch Mallet Head — EighthInch Pint Glass — EighthInch T-Shirt