• kris
    March 16th

    Matthew Taylor did this piece for the A Beautiful Machine event in Bristol. From what im gathering this is going to be something pretty awesome. Art, auction, rides, talk…a festival of sorts. More info below and on the Beautiful Machine bloggg. Peep some of Matthew’s other stuff if you havent already…its quality.

    From the A Beautiful Machine bloggy.

    “Beginning Friday March 26th McFaulStudio and howies have curated a two-week event of art, talk and ride based above the howies store in Bristol. We have reached out to those who ride, those who allow us to ride…and those who want us to ride, bringing us all together in a carnival of bicycle. Those who design and those who draw, those who paint or shoot or sew, those who talk or make, those who fix and those who nurture are all involved as they all share a love of A Beautiful Machine.

    Over 50 artists from around the Globe. 15 incredible speakers. 1 Bicycle treasure hunt, 1 rather special Bicycle auction and 1 Critical Mass. Two weeks in Bristol. A lot of fun.”