• kris
    May 16th

    If you’re from here you probably were out and about for the three days of the Bicycle Film Festival here in Sac. Last year I missed all but the last day so I made sure to get to everything I could this year…which was everything! Super fun weekend that started out at the Crocker Art Museum on Thursday. I met up with the dudes from Pedal Hard, Jerome and Rad at the museum for some brews and foods. We were a little slow getting to the auditorium and it filled up before we could get in :(. After waiting for a bit we decided to continue lurking around and enjoying the museum. What was cool was the tickets you bought for the event allowed you to explore the museum…not just making you stay in the event area.

    Here’s a little recap from Unseen Heroes…more words and flicks after the clickkk!

    This is the courtyard area where the majority of the food and beverages were served. I think by this time everyone had gone in to see the videos so its a bit bare. The Metro PCS booth (with the Leader Pedal Hard did up for em) and the DJ set up were out here. After everyone had gone inside the group of us were pretty much able to request whatever we wanted haha. Pretty sweet.

    Somehow I managed to get some pretty funny candids of the dudes…which I will plaster here like i warned them I was going to ;).

    Tomm and Rob…