• kris
    January 6th

    This is some pretty epic shit right here. No pun intended. Zane put together this piece on one of the sickest fixed comps to go do yet. Right in my backyard, the Epic comp took place last weekend and went off. Dudes from everywhere made their way to Northern California for what turned out to be a damn good comp. I got to judge the event being one of the hosts so it was rad just hanging out with people and cruising the park. This bit below right here is definitely the best coverage from the event there will ever be. At about 10 minutes it has a bit of everything in it from the drive up to the day at the comp and a bunch of extras. SO on point. In fact this is getting the plug on Hypebeast which is good for all this. Props to Zane, the so cal dudes and everyone else that came out and helped make this happen…especially Derek Salvador. Pretty hyped that this is going to be an annual event. I know I’d fail some video song quizzes for sureeee.