• kris
    December 29th

    Yesterday’s Epic comp was way sick and I’m stoked for it to become a yearly event. Everyone who came out threw down from AMs to Pro. Intermediate kids were all going hard with bars over rails and threes down gaps. The finals for Pro ended up being filled up by Gnarlos, JD, Milner, Santos and Jball for an entertaining finish. I spent the day judging with Gus and Montoya with us naming Jball the winner. Dude came out of the gate hard with stuff like  truckdrivers over the hip and bars into pedal feebs. JDs 180 tuck no down the 8 was nuts. Milner was consistent as hell. Boothby and Jakob were killing the rails. In AM Francis took first with stuff like tire grab threes. A little sesh at Mather in the freezing cold followed by some brews back at the Nem Pro spot made for a pretty solid event. Since I was one of the hosts of this and judging I got next to no photos but the few I was able to grab are below…also didn’t have a flash since I wasn’t planning on taking flicks ha. Click through for a solid event video with a bunch of the bangers from Fixie Famous.