• kris
    January 25th

    Midwest Mayhem was insane. Thanks to the midwest crew for getting everything together…seriously killed at organizing the event! Was awesome to finally get together and ride with all the people you come to know via the net. The entire weekend was filled with something crazy. Eating hot dogs in an old morgue. Getting off the plane into 9 straight hours beer and big ass horses, literally. Huffy in the snow. And the gnarliest trick comp ever…huge wall rides, 360, grinds and plenty of tech. Thanks to Noah and James from eighthinch for helping me get out there…Milwaukee treated us nicely (minus blood stained mattresses). Ill be posting up some pictures and video in the coming days as well as a more in depth look at this…but i need some sleep.



    Revival (HiHat Garage).

    Mayhem (Lamarche Post 360).