• kris
    May 3rd

    A few days ago I got the chance to interview Josh for the upcoming Ride + Style event this weekend. The bit is up on Redbull.com and if you give it a look you’ll see that Boothby has a pretty good perspective on the event and the fixed scene as a whole. There’s a grip of recent flicks up from the Red Bull Content Pool as well that are worth the peep. Click over for the whole interview and to scope  all the flicks from his recent SF trip.


    “Being a veteran fixed-gear pro, Josh Boothby has a great deal of insight on the state of the fixed industry and the community that supports it. The San Francisco takeover of fixed gear bikes and street artists for this year’s Red Bull Ride + Style, happening on May 4, is something he’s certainly excited about. Read on for what Josh had to say about the upcoming weekend, the future of fixed freestyle and the importance of big events like Red Bull Ride + Style.

    redbull.com: What got you into riding bikes?

    Josh Boothby: I got started riding fixed with Area Cycles (bike shop). Kenji Iwanashi presented me with an opportunity to go on a shop ride they held every Tuesday. I realized I was fast and people were into what I brought to the sport so I ran with it. From there I started picking up support and kept trying to push the limits of what I thought was possible on a fixed gear.

    What got you into riding bikes in general?

    When I was 11 I got my first bike from my dad. A couple of weeks later he pulled off the training wheels and after hitting a few walls — literally — I had it. A couple of years later I went to watch the X Games in SF and noticed this small skatepark across the street, so I sat and watched what all the guys were doing. It changed my life, seeing what was possible on a bike.

    What are your thoughts on Red Bull Ride + Style this weekend?

    I’m stoked that all the riders from the around the world accepted their invitations and made the trip out. The level of riding right now combined with the high expectations for the event is going to push the envelope of what’s possible. It’s going to create combinations and tech maneuvers that people have never seen before…”